Welcome to 1cre8ivemess – the official online home of the stories, details & magic behind the paper crafts, baked goods & home decor I create, as well as some of the day-to-day adventures of the w2 house!

The back story:

For a very long time I tried keeping up with a personal blog as well as a crafty & creative blog. I failed. It was just too much for me & I felt like I was making it way more complicated than it needed to be. So I stopped posting altogether and that made me feel even worse! Somewhat recently I started paying attention to some of the blogs that I follow and I noticed that while most of them are craft-centered, they [the bloggers] do share moments & stories of their personal lives. It suddenly hit me that I shouldn’t have to try and keep my life separate from my arts & crafts because they aren’t in real life. They are deeply intertwined and many of the things that inspire me are non-art related things. And so I decided to start this blog & website – something new & fresh – and I’ve never been more excited!

What To Expect

I love routines, uniformity and organization. Therefore, I’ve come up with a schedule of posts so you’ll know what to expect – as well as what’s coming up. I might stray from it a little every now and then, but basically here’s the plan:

Mondays will be referred to as Inspiration Monday. I feel like it’s best to start the week with something inspiring & uplifting, so each Monday I’ll share something that has caught my eye. It could be something I’ve pinned on Pinterest, a new color scheme I want to try on a card, a home decor project that has me anxious to bust out some power tools, a challenge I want to take on, or something completely unexpected and random. It could be anything!

Tuesdays will be highlight days of things that I’m working on, a Showcase of sorts. It might be cards, might be home decor, you never know. It might be an overview or I might go into detail about a technique I featured or even what inspired the piece in the first place.

Wednesdays will feature what I’m calling One Stamp – Three Ways, or One Product – Three Ways. One thing that I consider before I purchase a stamp set [or really any product or tool] is three different ideas for how it can be used. It’s something I like to do to justify why I’m buying something. If I can’t come up with three ideas, I tend to hold off on purchasing the item. In theory I’ll share with you three different uses for a stamp or three examples of things I’ve done with a set. Maybe it’ll sell you on a particular product or at the very least-leave you inspired. I believe that most weeks will focus on stamps because they tend to be the #1 product that I purchase, but I won’t rule out additional supplies.

Thursdays will be focused on items I’m selling. I have intentions that every other week it will focus on cards and/or paper crafts I’ve created and the other two weeks will focus on supplies I no longer have a use for. While I’ll still be occasionally posting items on Etsy, I plan to primarily list items here. Supplies will also be listed as I go through my stash. I’ve had several people inquire about that so I think that I’ll give it a try.

Fridays posts will fall into the #weliketoeat category. I love to bake and cook & experiment in the kitchen. I also love to share what I’ve learned, as well as photos of finished products. Each week I’ll share a recipe & my personal review of a favorite meal, snack or side. They will all be linked to the Recipe Page, found on the right panel of the home page.

Along the way I’ll probably share a photo of a puppy or a fun adventure story that Jon & I experienced, because that’s a huge part of my life as well. I’ll make sure I lead with the arts & crafts though. I hope you’ll join me on the journey and look forward to your responses, comments and reviews along the way.