About Me

Hello and welcome to the home of 1cre8ivemess!

I spend my days masterminding, creating with stamps & paper and being a crafty ninja with scissors!¬†At night I spend my time slinging drinks &¬†serving up awesome eats at a corporate steakhouse. I’m a born & raised Clevelander [Ohio] and I share the w2 house with my amazing rockstar of a boyfriend, Jon & our two chihuahua pups, Hercules & Harley.

Five random facts about me:

1. I’m addicted to diet coke. I prefer cans over fountain & bottles and can drink it ice cold or luke warm.

2. Asymmetrical things bother me but I LOVE odd numbers.

3. I despise feet. I feel like people should have lego blocks instead of stinky toes. On that note, I also almost always wear flip flops, even in the winter. And I have [my hand-drawn] smiley faces tattooed to the bottoms of my big toes.

4. I am a huge country music fan and really enjoy spending my summer nights tailgating with giant jenga & friends at concerts. My favorite band is the Zac Brown Band and my favorite artist is Kenny Chesney.

5. I am seriously OCD with a mild case of ADD. I’ll often be in the middle of a project and stop to start a new one, only to have to stop to clean up the mess the first one created. It’s a blessing and [so far] has worked out well for me.

Thanks for taking a minute to learn a little bit about me. Have questions? Interested in a custom project? Please check out the Contact Me page.

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